• Immunity Inspired by Tea Challenge




  • Dilhan C. Fernando
    Dilhan C. Fernando‚Äč

    CEO of Dilmah Tea & Director, Dilmah School of Tea

  • Dr. Tissa Amarakoon
    Dr. Tissa Amarakoon

    Author of Tea & Your Health, former Deputy Director Research at the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka

  • Peter Kuruvita
    Peter Kuruvita‚Äč

    Chef and Resturantuer, Australia

  • Tomek Malek
    Tomek Malek

    World Champion Flair Bartender, Poland

Judging Mechanism

  • 01

    Using immunity boosting ingredients
    10 points

    Focus on the ingredients that would help to boost your immune system for both food and beverage while maintaining the respect for tea. Immunity boosting food could be citrus fruits, red bell pepper, garlic, yoghurt, almond etc.

  • 02

    The rationale behind the creation
    30 points

    Why you did and what you did. Judges would love a story.

  • 03

    Cultural aspect
    10 points

    Specific cultural attributes, emphasizing local tradition, cultural and historical heritage in order to add that dimension to the guest experience.

  • 04

    Personal Story
    10 Points

    A key element in the story that would enhance tea experience for the guest is the authenticity. A personal element could involve the family tradition of a member of the team a recipe from their personal history or similar.

  • 05

    Culinary Creation
    10 Points

    Excellence in the quality of ingredients, technique and the outcome all sensory aspects of the food are a requirement.

  • 06

    Mixology Creation
    10 Points

    Ensure Immunity boosting ingredients don’t overpower the taste of tea.

  • 07

    Overall presentation/creativity using Tea
    20 Points

    Creative and effective use of tea and use of immune boosting ingredients in food and drink.