• Tea Inspired Dessert Challenge



What you need to do

A cup of Dilmah green tea next to a dish
Pick a Dilmah Tea that can be enjoyed on its own as dessert and send us a dessert recipe that is either infused with tea, or can be paired tea.  
Showcase Tea as a Dessert 
Tell us why “tea on its own makes a great dessert”
- Share how the tea chosen makes a great dessert and explain why by linking to a mood/ music/ time of day etc.  


Pair Tea with Dessert
- Share a creative rationale on how it's complimentary to the meal and include the recipe of the dessert you've created.  


Use Tea as an ingredient in a Dessert 
- Share a creative rationale, including the recipe of the tea inspired dessert.
A meal with a cup of Dilmah tea on the side

How will this be Presented ?

  • Challenge will be open for entries from August – November 2021. 
  • The submission must share details about the ingredients used, the key flavours of the creation, the reason the ingredients were chosen and the story behind the creation. 
  • The submission made should either be an image or a video. 
  • It is mandatory to include the Dilmah pack(s) used in the image / video submitted.
  • Once the submission is closed the judges will select the top entries.