• Tea Inspired Dessert Challenge




  • Dilhan C. Fernando
    Dilhan C. Fernando

    CEO of Dilmah Tea & Director, Dilmah School of Tea

  • Brend Uber
    Bernd Uber 

    Black Hat Chef, Australia 

  • Robert Schinkel
    Robert Schinkel

    Dilmah Mixologist, The Netherlands

Judging Mechanism

  • 01

    The Rationales Behind Your Dessert Tea Inspiration 
    20 points

    Tell us what inspired you with the story behind your tea inspiration.

  • 02

    Section A: Tea as a Dessert on its Own
    20 points

    Provide a rationale that describes why you picked the dessert tea. Make sure to include a story that brings out how you were inspired and what’s in store for others who drink the cuppa chosen by you.

  • 03

    Section B / C: Tea & Dessert Pairing / Tea-Infused Dessert
    20 points

    Provide a rationale focusing on the ingredients used in your recipe. Address how it brings out the flavours of the dessert, while respecting the tea.

  • 04

    Personal aspect
    10 Points

    Make sure to add a personal element in your story to enhance the tea inspired dessert experience for the judges. A personal element could involve a family tradition or something else that makes your serving a unique dessert and tea experience. 

  • 05

    Overall Presentation / Creativity
    30 Points

    The creative and effective use of tea and ingredients in the competition