• Tea Inspired Dessert Challenge



Submissions Closed

Thank you for interest and participation. All winners will be notified via email on November 25th 2021.

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Stay Tea Inspired!

  1. 01

    Showcase Tea as a Dessert 

    Tell us why the Dilmah tea you have chosen can be enjoyed on its own as a dessert. Make sure to explain why by linking it to mood, the five senses, time of day etc. ​

  2. 02

    Pair Tea with Dessert OR Use Tea as an Ingredient in a Dessert

    a) Pairing Tea with Dessert: Share a creative rationale of the pairing, including the recipe of the dessert you have created.​


    b) Use Tea as an ingredient in a Dessert: Share a creative rationale, including the recipe of the tea inspired dessert you have created.​

  3. 03

    Ensure the rationale attached to Sections 1 & 2 is not more than 400 words. The rationale should be based on usage / combination of teas to create a full experience in tea for the judges while showcasing the theme ‘dessert inspired by tea inspiration’. A personal perspective / story / experience in tea will be useful in enhancing the authenticity of your entry.

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NOTE: Dear Participant, if your online entry submission does not succeed, please email it to us at hospitality@dilmahtea.com